Friday, August 26, 2011

Aidan-August 26, 2011

My Dear Sweet Blue-Eyed Boy,

    I can't believe how big you are getting. We celebrated your 3rd birthday this year and you became a big brother again. It's been a big year for all of us and you never cease to amaze me by what you know or can say. You've started emulated how Mommy and Daddy talk, which is so cute coming out of your little mouth. You have an amazing grasp of speech and we've been told more than once that you talk better than most kids your age. One of your new phrases is, "that's so rude!' I love that you can tell us what you want or need. It makes life so much easier rather than guessing about what you need or want. We've been trying to teach you to be polite and courtesy when you talk to others. It's not been easy, but we're still working on it. You actually told a traffic cop at the airport a few days ago that they were a bad guy, for which you got in trouble. I hope we can teach you that cops are good guys and that you can go to them if you have a problem.

    You now have two little sisters. Aislynn turned 2 in June and your newest baby sister, Rhiannon was born in March. You are such a big helper. You weren't super great at the beginning with helping me, but you've learned and now I can trust you to sit for a few minutes with the baby, keeping her safe. You tell me when she cries; sometimes you even tell me she's hungry. You talk to her and hold her hand in the car. Telling her not to cry. You love her so much and I love seeing that. You are the best big brother. You and Aislynn get along for the most part, but seeing you are so close in age you still fight with each other. I think that comes with your toddler years.

    I love you so much my sweet boy!


Love Mommy